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Rebecca Fortner, MS, RDN

My Dad has Parkinson's. 

Since his diagnosis, I've been learning 
as much as I can about Parkinson's 
for the past several years. 

If you would like to learn more about
 living well with Parkinson's,
 reach out today. 

  • Over 26 years of Experience in Healthcare 
  • Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition
  • Dietetic Intern Award for Excellence in Education, Research and Nutrition
  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
Early in my career, I conducted research resulting in a thesis during my Master's program. My interest in analyzing and interpreting clinical studies continues today.

My desire to teach others started with an involvement as a University educator and instructor to medical students, nurses, nurse practitioners and dietetic interns.

In addition to providing quality care to patients in both the hospital and home settings, I have served as an educational speaker to healthcare professionals at numerous conferences, seminars and workshops.

Comments from attendees of my workshops:

  • Great job - enthusiastic, creative and well-organized!
  • Helpful information presented in an easy to understand manner.
  • Well worth my time and money!